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Our Mission Statement

"We are committed to being the Premium Homewatch and Senior Moving Service Providers ~ servicing our Clients with honesty and integrity, instilling trust, peace of mind, and confidence in the hearts and minds of our Clients. We strive to exceed expectations with service excellence. Our foundation is built on community and building lasting relationships"


VIP Senior Moving Services

“Your Senior Moving Specialists”

“May your walls know Joy,

may every room hold Laughter,

and every window open to great Possibility” 

V.I.P’s exceptional customer service standards and their high level of expertise help guide Seniors through the moving process. From start to finish, we will be there to support you or your loved one. It can be overwhelming to look around your cherished home and understand that you will have to part with many things you have loved and treasured. Although choosing to transition can be difficult, moving to a smaller home, or Retirement or Care Residence, V.I.P will take the stress of everything in-between away. Creating a transition to your new home that is planned, organized, and care for from start to finish.

Our Senior Moving Services

  • Consultation – free, in-home move facilitation/consultation. Together we prepare a detailed plan for the transition, including taking photos, reviewing floorplans, and a pre/post move evaluation
  • Manage the Moving Process – we will look after all the logistics of the move and be there on transition day to ensure every transition detail is taken care of. From start to finish
  • Packing Services – Packing your current home and unpacking / setting up your new home. You decide whether you want to pack a bit before the move or want VIP to handle it all; we will take care of it
  • Developing a floor plan of your new residence to know what furniture will fit and go where
  • Sorting through belongings to help figure out what goes to your new home, what goes to family and loved ones, what gets donated to your favorite charity, and what needs to be disposed
  • Coordination of items to be donated, discarded, or sent to family and friends
  • All boxes and packing materials
  • Coordination of dates and times with our local moving partners for the important day

Our Home Away Packages

Welcome traveller! Whether you are off travelling the World, a weekend get-away, business trip, an exciting holiday or you’re a lucky Snowbird ~ Count on VIP Home Away Services to care for your home and property only the way True Professionals can.

  Family owned and operated, we service the Kelowna area ~ offering a wide range of Homewatch & Concierge Services. We are pleased to be servicing  our Clients from weekend get-aways, long term vacations to Snowbirds. Our services also extend to helping families with homes going through Estate and Probate or Homes For Sale.


  • Gold Clients receive Concierge Services above & beyond
  • Gold Clients enjoy select Concierge & specialized “custom” services

 “Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer” 



  • “Your peace of mind is waiting!”
  • Perfect package to ensure you relax more, worry less
    “Don’t just Dream about travelling, do it” 



  • Peace of mind ~ on your terms. Simple
  • No minimum, you pick the days, we take care of the rest!
     “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” 



Snowbirds count on the professionals to watch your nest while you’re away! You can be confident you will be coming back to a well-managed, smooth-running home ~ no matter how long you’ve been away!

Your Peace of Mind is our guide. Always.