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Gold Service


“Welcome Home” Whether you work hard, play hard or both ~ enjoying your time away from home is Golden! When it comes to your Home ~ where you feel safe, comfortable and able to enjoy some of your most precious moments – we have you protected. Watching your home while you’re away is important to us, bringing you the peace of mind to stress less and enjoy more, life’s too short to do otherwise!

No Minimum booking

Interior Care

  • Walk interior home, perform visual check of ceilings, doors, windows, signs of vandalism
  • Check of all locks, secure alarm
  • Check electric panel for tripped breakers
  • Clean doorway, entry area to remove debris, signs of no one home
  • Confirm home temperature is as requested
  • Check for unusual odours, noises or sounds
  • Removal, recycle or place/store newspapers, flyers
  • Collect and place/store Mail
  • Check fridge, freezer, furnace, hot water tank (*etc as identified)
  • Visual check for any signs of leakage, other potential concerns
  • Select lighting to leave on or place timers (*timers provided by VIP)
  • Text/Email date stamped verification photo after each inspection

Exterior Care

  • Walk exterior property, perform visual check for doors, windows, signs of vandalism, etc
  • Walk thru Garage, perform visual check of interior, doors, windows, place/remove battery charger
  • Start vehicles if required/requested (move if requested)
  • Visual check of landscaping, yard, fences, trees and gates
  • Visual check for potential areas of concern, leakage, drainage.
  • Visual check for signs of insect or rodent intrusion
  • Visual check of outside premises, and other areas
  • Snow removal services as required/requested (additional fee, services provided by contractor unless otherwise negotiated)
  • Lawn services as required/requested (additional fee, services provided by contractor unless otherwise negotiated)
  • Text/Email date stamped verification photo after each inspection
  • IMMEDIATE reporting to Client of any abnormalities found

the Gold Compliments

  • Check of all locks, doors, windows and entry points every visit
  • Run all water sources; taps, toilets, washer/dryer, showers to move old water (*as requested)
  • Sprinkler schedule check
  • Facilitate Sprinkler shut off/turn on (*as requested)
  • Same-day curbside garbage service
  • Complimentary Indoor plant watering (*as identified/requested)
  • Complimentary watering of Outdoor flowerbed, potted plants/arrangements (*as identified/requested – additional service fee’s maybe required depending on details)
  • Check that main water valve is turned off after each inspection (unless otherwise requested by client)
  • Mail/parcel pick up and forwarding
  • Detailed lighting schedule – timers (*timers provided by VIP)
  • Exclusive rates on snow removal and lawn care
  • Facilitation, organization of select home services (*may be subject to additional fee’s)
  • 24 hour Emergency availability
  • Detailed Homewatch Inspection Checklist Report completed during each homewatch inspection to confirm inspection for insurance purposes
  • Forgot to pack something or something important comes up – let us know and we’ll get it to you or help you take care care of it!
  • Available for select personal services to ensure your home coming will be perfect! A bouquet of beautiful Okanagan Flowers, bottle of wine, few groceries, maybe a housecleaning to freshen things up ~ we love to take care of the little things that make you smile (*additional service fee’s and costs apply)

Lawn Care Service

Ahh, summertime in Kelowna ~ not everyone has “zeroscaping” so let us help you take care of your lawn care needs while your away! Our caring landscaping professionals will keep your home and yard looking cared for and attended to – it will look like you never left, keeping you and your neighbourhood happy!

Our “as requested” services are exactly that, you can schedule it for ease of mind or have it taken care of at the last minute.

Third Party Standard Rates Apply

Snow Care Service

Snow in Kelowna?! Yes it happens, during the winter months and mother natures unexpected tendencies your home is susceptible to many things – the main element being the individuals that are looking for a home that looks “alone”, no signs of anyone home. We will ensure there is the standard footprints to and from your driveway to the door (no charge, part of inspection) If requested we can arrange for our snow removal professionals to clear the sidewalks, driveways on as needed basis. Our extremely competitive rates help keep your home looking occupied, cared for and protect you from any liability should someone slip or fall while your away

Third Party Standard Rates Apply

Flower Care Service

Spring, Summer, Fall ~ no matter the season there is always a variety of Flowers in the Okanagan! When you love your beautiful gardens, flowerbeds and arrangements it’s heart breaking to come home and find them any other way than how you left them. We can provide no-charge watering (and love) to what you have worked so hard to create – it’s a match made in garden heaven. Above the routine watering if you require additional services we can facilitate services to ensure you have no need to worry

*Additional Service Charges May Apply

the Gold Rate

The Concierge ~ At Your Service

“Where art thou, that is home” ~ Emily Dickson

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Small Print

~ All contracts subject to a $50 one time contract fee. This covers the initial home meeting and inputting of your information into our secure software platform

First Line Alarm Response available

*additional rate and fee’s apply

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