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Our Process



Thank you for visiting our website…we are so glad to have you!

Contact us and we'll get started! We will arrange a time to go though the initial information gathering over the phone or in person


Smile meets Smile :)

Once the preliminary initial information has been gathered, we will arrange for an initial home visit to view the property, review your unique specific needs, discuss your details and set up a Detailed Inspection checklist. We can place the Master contract at this time or at a later date via secure online access


You're set!

Upon your Master contact being placed we will forward you a copy of the contact and an outline of your Inspection checklist, schedule dates and any additional details that are specific to your property. The $50 one-time service fee and a deposit will be taken at this time (deposit dependent upon services scheduled)


Bon Voyage ~ [bon voi-ahzh; French bawn vwa-yazh]

"Godspeed, adieu, adios, bye-bye, cheerio, farewell, gluckiche Reise, goodbye, happy landing, pleasant journey, send-off, tsetchem leshalom, Safe journey's my friend"


Inspection time!

Once service commences our Top of Line Communication software will provide you with realtime GPS Inspection Report, including photos. Each Inspection Report is integrated into a final report. Our clients can login from any where in the world to get instant access to their invoices and reports, and with our chat portal you have direct communication with VIP Home Away 24/7


Relax more ~ stress less!

You'll be hearing from as often as you requested, we will be constant communication via email, text or the chat portal until your return home * If there is any area of concern or your attention is required you will know immediately *


Easy as 1 - 2 - 3 Your the Master!

Upon placing your Master Contract all future bookings are easy! Services can simply be re-booked online or via a phone call or email. Easy as 1 – 2 – 3 and at your convenience


I want it and I want it now ....

Upon receiving your booking request it goes into our scheduling system and if there are any changes or additional services required we will discuss and make necessary arrangements and adjustments. Services scheduled can commence within 24 hours of booking. The schedule and invoice will be emailed within 24 hours upon your service agreement confirmation. If you a rebooking or extending your time away services can begin immediately


Payments $ made easy!

Online payments make the process simple, easy and hassle free. Specific payment arrangements can be arranged for unique servicing requirements; We are committed to providing seamless service that delivers exceptional above and beyond customer service and leaves you worry free. True freedom when working with trusted professionals


There are no cookie-cutter homes and there are no cookie-cutter people!

We are excited to help make your homecoming smooth and easy, our concierge services provides unparalleled customer service! "Welcome Home" we look forward to servicing you again "Cheers" ~ Blaine and Michele